In love with rags and Russian art
My name is Elena, I am the designer and owner of Born2bRU. The brand name was born over 10 years ago at a party with friends. We were having fun thinking up names for Russian companies. For example I suggested an insurance company named "What if", and for Russian contemporary fashion the brand could only be "Born2bRU"! So it was with joy and ease together with interesting people this first collection was created. Every person, often unwittingly, brought to this collection something of their own that was important and valuable. Therefore, everything that you see here has been formed from a mosaic of thoughts and ideas from people who surround me. They, like me, believe Russia possesses at its heart a pure cultural spirit untouched by any ideology. We are original, self-sufficient, and have our own taste in clothes which has nothing to do with "Russianness for export". It is our style which stands on its own merits needing no justification from anyone. As the heirs of Byzantium, we love bright colors and the richness of ornament. As for bad taste, that comes only when we try to imitate and we then find real discomfort in trying to squeeze into what doesn't fit us naturally.

Along our way we have developed several in-house principles
1. Russian materials
If you can do without imports — do it. This challenge is not the easiest, but we made it happen. In addition, this makes for a very stimulating, creative process.

Our raw materials are sourced from Ivanovo, accessories are made by the craftsmen of Izhevsk and Miass. We spin our own yarn and produce it all together in Moscow. Our knitters aren’t simply some contracted grannies, we have professional knitters, they are young and beautiful Russian women.

2. Stress testing is our normal state of being

Before selling, every item goes through several stages of torment and extreme bullying: dyeing and boiling at 90°C, texturization and drying in scary drums. This not only shows the texture, enhancing that dear-to-my-heart shagginess, but this also guarantees quality. We are 100% certain that everything we craft — will only get better over the years.
3. Photographs of real people
We do not use professional models in our photographs, but people who love and enjoy wearing Born2bRU.
We gain new friends and share views. Each of them whether intentionally or not add to the essence that is Born2bRU.
Andrew L. Smetankin
In the fall of 2014 Andrew Smetankin simply gifted the "Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad" in Moscow his private collection of paintings by Russian artists, that he spent his entire long life acquiring. Among them several have never before been exhibited. Paintings by Malyavin, Alexander and Albert Benois and others. His amazing gesture was a major contribution to our Russian culture. Actually salivating with eagerness I ran to make it in time for the exhibitions grand opening. I was so stunned by the works that I could only choke out a grateful squeaky thanks through my tears. At that Andrew Smetanin said, "Yes, it has been a while since I’ve been the cause of such emotion from a girl!"

If not for Andrew Smetankin and the painting "A woman carrying a yoke" by Malyavin, which he bought with his own money, kept safe and presented to the Russian people, there never would have been a Malyavin Grunge collection.

Main critic and font of practical reason
Favorite son of the designer. Responding to his mothers plea, "Sergei, put on your hat," he dutifully nodded, put on his hat and walked out the door. Once outside he calmly removed it and stuffed it in his bag. Mother got the hint, and took up the challenge to create a hat that you don’t want to take off.
Serious girl
Thought up the name "Chaka" - the informal name of our hat. The daughter of a very serious papa, from whom she had to ask permission if she was to be photographed. He said: "No one is allowed to shoot Vasya, but you — you can." Now Vasilisa’s picture graces the cover of our site.
Stepan Yurinov
Best poister in Russia
Stepan has a unique profession, he is the creator of the stunning Astra show. Who are poisters and what do they do? Just look, It is fascinating.
Every business needs people who don’t just praise you, but criticize as well. If our collection could survive the rigorous testing by Stepan and his Astra Show team, then I take it as a good sign.

We work with the best technologists in Russia to dye and process the fabrics and knitwear we use. I call them the best because no matter what crazy idea I put to them they first shake their heads in puzzlement, then perform innumerable rigorous tests to make absolutely certain that the results are perfectly ideal. Thanks to them the finished results are both unusual and bright. For example, this new line of hoodies we are working on. Also we are working on a new line of T-shirts both short and long sleeved, as well as sweaters. If you want to know about any new arrivals in our shop, you can subscribe to our newsletter in the form below. I promise not to sell, lend or barter your e-mail address to bad (or even good) third parties. We do not send spam or other annoying useless tripe. Our mailings are brief and to the point.

And I have a cat. So — subscribe!
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